Shikhar Murty


CS PhD Student, Stanford University

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I am a first year CS PhD Student in the Stanford NLP Group, advised by Prof. Christopher Manning. My main research goal is in learning representations of language that facilitate compositional/systematic generalization, and then using these representations as tools for learning, reasoning and communication. Apart from that I’m interested in program induction/semantic parsing, meta learning, hierarchical representations and extracting information from raw text.


I started studying Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi because of interests in hacking electronics. Very soon, I realized I was way more interested in hacking code together and was fascinated by word2vec’s famous “king - man + woman = queen” result, and so I started working on NLP with Prof. Mausam. Right after finishing undergrad, I moved to beautiful Amherst for a year long internship with Prof. Andrew McCallum. Soon after that, I moved to Montreal to work on systematic generalization and program induction with Prof. Aaron Courville.

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When not working, things I like to do include fitness, reading and baking.


In the past, I’ve been very fortunate to work with phenomenonal researchers from whom I’ve learnt a ton: